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Our health & wellness are our greatest asset. 

Our Real Wealth.

It’s time to make your wellbeing a non-negotiable priority. So you can build the capacity & awareness you need to live the life you desire.

Join The Practice Membership & experience the life force energy & awareness you get from The Practice, embodied kundalini yoga classes. Or, work with me one to one for bespoke, holistic kundalini yoga, coaching & wellbeing solutions. 

Build a toolkit of practices to support your personal growth & all aspects of your mental, physical and emotional health. 

Outcome: You feeling empowered. In control of your capacity & radiating ‘wealth!’  



I'm Zoe, The life changer.   

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Wellbeing Activist & Consultant. Former multiple Award Winning Senior Law Lecturer & Legal Academic. 

I help you build resilience, wellbeing and capacity so you can live the life you desire.

I do this by showing you how to use high impact, multi-functional & accessible wellbeing &  kundalini yoga practices. That help you: 

  • Negate the impacts of stress, the dis-ease of our time! 
  • Increase your energy & capacity to cope or excel.
  • Promote a deep sense of wellbeing & balance. 

You may even find, as I did, they're  the catalyst for gaining new perspectives on life. Including perfectionism, self-sabotage & imposter syndrome. As we cultivate a heightened sense of self-awareness & intuition; the starting place for all transformations! 

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How can I support your wellness journey? 

I work with you, your organisation or your community. 


The Practice Membership

An exclusive community to access The Practice classes & tools so you can activate your true potential & thrive. 




High impact, wellbeing experiences to support your business, organisation or community. I'm your 'Go To' Wellbeing Expert.
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One to One 

Holistically curated for your unique needs to help you restore, find peace, thrive or excel at any point in life. Yoga or coaching. 


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Pillars of The Practice of Wellbeing 

It's not one practice that supports our wellbeing. It's a combination. The Practice brings them altogether.






Self Care 


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