Ethics & Values

@ The Practice of Wellbeing 

I want to share what's important to me so you understand the values that form the basis of my business & how I work. 

It’s my mission to share and support others in understanding the benefits of accessible yogic and non-yogic health & wellbeing practices to elevate mental, physical and emotional wellness.

The offerings I provide are supported by the recognised & certificated investments I've made in my training, education and professional development. 

Acknowledgement of the Yogic Teachings

I need to be clear that the yogic teachings I share and work with are not mine. They’re made up of ancient yogic wisdom that originated in India, handed down over many, many years from teacher to student and so it continues. The teachings were bought to the West to support us with our stressed-out, busy lifestyles.

I share these teachings with others, with what I hope is integrity & gratitude, in honouring their lineage & sharing what I know about the teachings and their historic roots from my research and practice. 

I use my energy, my own personal experience & interpretations & research of the teachings plus experiences gained from sharing & teaching them to others. As well as using the practices for specific forms of yoga therapy with known outcomes and impact to provide holistic wellbeing support.

I encourage you to know that you are your best teacher. And to appreciate & value the uniqueness of being you. 

I'l share more about this in my blog. 

My Personal Statement 


“I want anyone that feels drawn to The Practice to know they can experience it on their terms & within their capacity. And I'll always be open to exploring how to make this a reality.”

“It’s my aim is to make all spaces I lead, safe & accessible for everyone to participate together, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, colour, religion, body shape, pregnancy, physical ability, neurodiversity & mental wellbeing. As well as honouring with integrity the ancient practice of yoga & kundalini yoga which is known as the yoga of awareness.”  

Zoe Swan, Founder, The Practice of Wellbeing.

How do I do this? 

  • By gathering and seeking information from my members when they join The Practice.
  • Interpreting the needs of my members and people I work with, by being person centred in my approach.
  • I work in a trauma sensitive way with awareness, knowing, appreciating and valuing each person’s unique qualities & acknowledging they will bring their own personal experiences with them to The Practice or my work.
  • I listen, welcome and respond to & actively encourage feedback.
  • My working processes and practices are always open & can be adapted to meet you where you are. 
  • During The Practice I offer a range of options that can be chosen and used for postures & breathwork to promote accessibility and as part of what I hope is an inclusive experience. 
  • Continued below.                                                       

Sharing with awareness & support 

Because of the nature of Kundalini yoga and how it combines connecting our awareness with the breath, movement, & specific types of postures which can have specific physical, energetic and emotional impact.

I'm aware & mindful, people practising may on occasion experience both the conscious and subconscious releases of a range of emotions and feelings during or after class.

Kundalini yoga is known for working quickly. I aim to ensure participants are prepared and aware of this.

When I curate and share The Practice I do so with informed awareness. This enables me to support and guide the group during classes or individual(s) during bespoke sessions accordingly & mindfully.

Space is always held open immediately after class so I can support or listen to anyone that wishes to share their experience.

Or via email or direct message. The Membership area also provides a place that actively encourages sharing within the community.

I work in a way that builds trust and strive to make a genuine difference by sharing The Practice. I honour and appreciate the uniqueness of each of my members / clients.

This means I actively listen, work with care and compassion, honouring the roots of yoga, I use humour and bring my energy and enthusiasm with integrity to the teaching.

I extend an invitation to people to join me and share as much or as little of themselves as they choose.

Supporting Future Generations

My life's mission as a teacher and mentor is to support others. I'll continue to be passionate about supporting our future generations - especially students - with wellbeing practices, tips & strategies that can help to optimise their potential & stay well. Please reach out directly if you represent a student organisation & you'd like my support.  I provide a certain number of sessions pro bono (free) throughout the year. 


Acknowledgement & Gratitude  

To each of my teachers for supporting and continuing to support my professional development as a kundalini yoga teacher and kundalini yoga therapist.

Guru Dharam, Livtar (Lyn) Kaur, Daryl O’Keefe, Haridev (Kathy) Kaur (Latham), Siri Sat Kaur, BenJahmin Steele, Denise Ferguson, Liver Singh, Ravi Singh,  the teachers at JOY Yoga London, Guru Rattana, Ravi Singh.

The Dream Team

I'm so thankful to all those that have entered the world of my business to support me. On the many levels a business owner needs to be supported & inspired, practically, physically & emotionally. You’re my cheerleaders and the inner circle that makes it all possible for me.

To my husband Brian, son Isaac, my parents, brother Phil and nephew Lyle. Kirsty Kianifard for your incredible coaching & support and The Wellness Entreprenuers Collective & members. Laura Rhian Benson for your always incredible photos. Lydia Otway for bringing my brand to life and designing my image and website – you helped bring my vision to life! Juana for helping me with SEO magic & Stevie for Data Protection wisdom. 

To all those in addition that have supported me. But aren't named here. You know who you are. And I'm grateful to you & value you.

And so much gratitude and love to my ever evolving community & all those who enter & leave the world of my business as clients. Both now and in the future. Thank you. I see each and everyone of you. 

With love Zoe x