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Radical Rest & Self Care

Mini Retreat Experience

Saturday 3rd December 2022. 3 - 5.30pm

La Clinique De La Brisee,  Rue Brisee 281, Maisieres, BELGIUM. 

Winter’s the season for nurturing and nourishing. It’s a time of regeneration. A time to go within to conserve your energy & experience radical rest.

Join me on a journey to immerse yourself in practices that promote mental, physical & emotional rest. And reconnect you to your awareness, your soul & your intuition.

I’ll be your guide and kundalini yoga – the yoga of awareness, breath work, mantra chanting, sound and relaxation will be the vehicle for your ride deep inside! We’ll also use aroma and essential oils & mindfully making a natural face mask you'll take home with you to continue the self care vibe.

This nourishing mini retreat experience includes:


  • A series of breathwork techniques to calm & restore
  • Warm-up & kundalini yoga movement & postures
  • Kundalini yoga meditation 
  • Relaxation for deep integration
  • A mantra chanting circle 
  • Making a natural clay facemask to take home & use for selfcare
  • Two gifts in glass packaging;
  • A custom blend of oils to support radical rest & a natural clay face mask
  • The use of aroma & essential oils to enhance your experience
  • Refreshments


This yoga practice is curated to connect you with your water meridians, which according to the Five Elements are associated with winter & kidney energy. On a physical, energetic and emotional level this practice will support your kidneys, adrenals, hormonal & reproductive systems. The emotions associated with this season are anxiety, fear, insecurity or feeling depressed or low. Guided deep rest follows the practice.  Along with a restorative nights sleep that evening. 

The mantra sounds & circle will stimulate your vagus nerve releasing stress & anxiety, bringing your body into balance and enhancing feelings of wellbeing & community with each other. 


This experience is for you if:


  • Your mind & body are craving (deep) radical rest
  • You want to feel cared for & nourished
  • You need practices to give you a break from an overactive or anxious mind
  • You’ve always wanted to meditate but not found a practice that works
  • You want to reconnect with your intuition & higher self
  • You need a holistic experience for your mind, body & soul  
  • You love kundalini yoga & want to feel the energy we create together
  • You’re new or curious about kundalini yoga & want to experience it


You’ll leave feeling nourished & rested and subtly energised. With practical tools to support your desire for continued rest & rejuvenation.

I can’t wait to practice with you.  

Big love & Sat Nam,


Zoe x 

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