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The Secret to Unlocking Supreme Wellbeing.

Is found in The Practice Membership ...

Welcome, I'm excited to share the yogic & holistic self-care practices that continue to enhance my wellbeing with YOU! 

The Practice Classes are an integral part of this exclusive membership. They're an embodied, kundalini yoga, inspired class that affects your energy, consciousness & emotions. And deep dials into your awareness & intuition - both powerful catalysts for transformational change.

Expertly guided by me, you'll use ancient, accessible yogic technology to create the space & energy you need to: elevate your capacity, optimise your  bandwidth & enhance your wellbeing.

"A work out for the mind & body. It's weird, but it works on so many levels. The insights I get into myself during a practice are amazing!"

Sarah Ockenden, Chief Operating Officer, Partner, Itad Ltd.

The Practice is a potent, immersive experience, I can't wait to share it with you!

Zoe x

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The Practice Membership.

Let's dive in!

Guided by me & my limitless energy & expert mentorship! I recognise that ....

Your time's precious ...

So I guarantee The Practice Membership will save you time & energy in at least 3 ways: 

  1. There's ZERO travel because we practice in a virtual studio!
  2. The Practice Kundalini Classes combine a series of wellness rituals into one class, so the benefits you experience are optimised.
  3. Global access to The Practice Portal Members Area. To support you in integrating wellness & self-care practices into your daily life or accessing classes on catch up at any time!
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The Practice Membership.

Includes resources to help you develop & integrate Practices for Life. 
It's a lifestyle choice.
Now, let's explore what your monthly membership subscription includes: 

The Practice Classes

16-18 live kundalini classes a month in our Virtual Studio. Practice together, feel the energy & connection! Or access class recordings. 

The Full Moon Class

A specially curated combo of yoga, astrological insights & self enquiry to super charge your Practice at the Full Moon.

On Demand Library

Ever evolving space for all class recordings, FREE On Demand practices, how to's & hacks (for beginners & all levels) playlists & mantra.  

New Theme Each Month

Designed to deepen your understanding & impact of yoga, yogic science & philosophy. And new wellness tips & insights. 

Practices for Life

Tried and tested insider knowledge from me! Recipes & support.  Member Discount for coaching, workshops & events. 

Support & Community

Welcome 1:1 Wellness Consult. Me as your Personal Wellness Cheerleader! Space to share your experiences.

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The Practice Classes  

The Practice Kundalini Yoga Classes are a spiritual, awareness raising workout for your mind, body & soul.

Combining high impact yogic science & technology with practices to enhance your wellbeing & lifestyle.

A complete yoga experience. You'll breath, move, meditate, relax and use mantra or sound. And  leave each class knowing why the practices work & how to maximise the benefits off the mat too!  

Can't join live? Classes are recorded & uploaded to The Practice Portal to access at your leisure with playlists. 

Virtual Studio Classes 

Restore Tuesday 6.00pm - 7.15pm

Activate Wednesday 6.30am - 7.30am 

Sleep Well Breathwork & Meditation Thursday 8.00pm - 9.15pm 

Refresh Saturday 7.45am - 9.00am

GMT / BST Time Zone  

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Class Themes

Each class is intuitively curated using a blend of Yogic, Eastern science & energetic principles. No class is ever the same! 


A gentler practice to move energy & releases but one that leaves you feeling nourished, grounded & at peace. Ends with deep guided relaxation. Let go of stress & anxiety.


A stronger practice designed to energise & set you up for the day feeling alive, centred & in control! Ends with relaxation & meditation. Accessible options for all. 

Breath, Relax, Sleep 

Light warm up. Breath work & mediation combos, healing sounds & mantra, relaxation. Deeply restorative. De-stressing, good sleep & intuitive insights.  


An invigorating practice! Clear stagnant energy. Includes restorative & energising breath work. Leaves you feeling balanced & fresh! 


Benefits of The Membership.

Global research continues to support the overwhelmingly positive impact yoga, breath work, meditation, mantra, mindfulness & self-awareness has on our health & wellbeing. It's research proven to negate the impact of stress & anxiety. And inspiring behaviour change which can optimise wellness.  


Release stored tension, stress & anxiety to experience deep restorative sleep. 

Empowered Mindset

Enhanced awareness & intuition. Connects you to your true potential. Empowered & in flow. 

Stress Free

Reduces the impact of stress hormones, cortisol & adrenaline. Balances your nervous system.


Develop new practices to support your mental, physical & emotional wellbeing. 


Use your breath to release stress, optimise mind & body functionality, change emotional state & support digestion. 


Boost immunity by releasing stress, balancing hormones & emotions & supporting digestion. 


Develop core strength, muscle tone & flexibility. Increase circulation, & improve posture optimise nervous system function. 


Helps to assimilate, process & release emotions held consciously & subconsciously. 

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Who's The Membership for? 

Curious. Open minded humans. Change makers. Over thinkers. Creatives. Soul seekers.
Join The Membership:

To access expertly taught online classes in your own, personalised space. 

To use on-demand resources to support personal integration.

If you're experiencing burn out, stress or nervous system deregulation. 

If you want more time, energy & focus back in your life. 

If you're going through a transformation, life or career change.

To develop elevated self-awareness & razor sharp intuition.

For a spiritual practice to connect mind, body & soul. 

For simple, high impact wellness practices that work fast.

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