Time to Pause 

One Day Urban Day Retreat for Women

Sunday 16th April 2023
9.45am - 4.30pm
The Studio, Whippingham Road, Brighton

Join us for this special Urban Day Retreat. 

Feel nurtured, re-energised and clearer about how to meet your need for self care during the menopause transition.


Do you have a hunch there's more to menopause than HRT?

We do too!  That's why Sally Garozzo and I have created a day where you'll have the much needed space to explore The Medicine of your Own Menopause! And to practice powerful yogic and non yogic tools to ease emotions, negate the impact of stress and support your hormone balance. 

Menopause affects 51% of the population* 

  • Has peri menopause and or menopause left you feeling exhausted, depleted & a shadow of your former self?
  • Are you lacking time, motivation and energy to take care of yourself? 
  • Do you feel like you're not yourself any more?

We get it and we'd like to help you.

Sally & I are great friends! We set up Inspiring Talks Brighton in 2017.  We're both fascinated by health & being well. And after qualifying as wellness practitioners in our chosen fields, guess what, we're back together again! 

And this time we're fulled by our passion for women's wellness. Sally's expertise lies at the level of the mind and my expertise lies within the level of the body ... And we both have wide open hearts, ready to receive you into our nurturing sphere.

* Menopause & the Workplace First Report 2022/23 Parliament Publications 

Your day retreat experience includes:

  • 9.45am Arrival with warm home made yogi tea & healthy snacks 
  • Introductions with Zoe & Sally 
  • Gentle & especially themed kundalini yogic practices to clear our energy & connect us to the day ahead.  (Zoe)
  • Reflections, journaling and sharing around the messages you received in the past about your menopause (or your needs as a woman) and how that has affected you today (Sally)
  • Comfort Break
  • Gentle yogic practices which will be linked to the themes emerging from your reflections (Zoe)
  • Healthy, homemade hormone balancing plant based lunch
  • Re-Grounding gentle yogic practices (Zoe)
  • Hypno-theraputic exercise (Sally)
  • Comfort Break
  • Experience meditation & gentle mantra to elevate, relax & balance (Zoe)
  • Final Share until 4.30pm

We've carefully curated this experiential retreat day to take you on a journey ...

Through . . . 

The subconscious narratives you

absorbed in your past

about menopause.

Into . . .

A space to explore

why your present feelings

may exist.

And . . . 

Ultimately to help

you reclaim

your menopause experience.

Come away from the day...

  • Knowing how to rest and use tools to reset your energy.
  • Committed to putting your self-care first.
  • Trusting the wisdom of your body.
  • Feeling better about your menopause.
  • Understanding your needs better.
  • And all set up for a wonderful night of restorative sleep.

Who is this day for?

It's for you if you are in peri menopause, menopause or feeling the need to prepare for this transition of your life. And you want to experience & learn techniques that can support you, in a caring & uplifting space, with other women. 

Kerry Marshall, Experience Manager, British Airways.

"I walked into the retreat a broken person, battling with what I realised this year was hormones like no other, yes a realisation that the last 4 years was exactly that word, menopause, and a lot of hurt, loss, disappointment, self doubt & anxiety…But with most of all hope and trust! Trust in myself  to support myself and trust in  this super human who I knew would help give me the tools to do this!   During the experience I managed to process a lot of hurt and clear my mind like it has never been cleared, I managed to meditate deeply and actually had beautiful visions whilst doing this."

Betty Lewis-Griffiths, Breathworker 


"Zoe’s day retreat was the perfect medicine for me. Taking time away  meant I could drop into a beautiful place of receiving. The space was beautiful. And Zoe’s food, snacks and tea were so incredible. You can tell how much love she's poured into creating this offering. I absolutely loved the walking mantra and reached a space of peace, where I felt so held by nature. After both the Kundalini and Mantra session, I reached a level of relaxation I have not felt in years. Just what I needed, thank you." 


Zoe Carletide, Women's Rights Activist 

"I’ve been a student of Zoe’s for a few years, so thought I knew what to expect from a day retreat, but oh my goddess was I in for a surprise! It was all the magic of kundalini yoga infused by Zoe’s incredible intuitive healing & positive energy - like taking something you already love & making it high-definition, surround sound Technicolor!! I honestly don’t know what I loved the most! The kundalini practise itself was so deeply enhanced by the whole ambiance & intention behind the day retreat that I came away glowing, confident, (well fed) & feeling more tuned in and connected than ever!"

Sally Garozzo is a Clinical, award winning, hypnotherapist using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  She helps women going through the menopause transition to reclaim their authenticity by helping them to make sense of their past limiting experiences and then liberating them by utilising the phenomenal power of the sub conscious mind.   She is also the founder of The Menopause Mindset Hypnosis Collection, the worlds ONLY powerful set of hypnosis recordings specifically for menopause symptoms and she runs her own podcast called The Menopause Mindset.   Alongside this she helps people with insomnia inside The Sleep Super Power Academy and teaches a diploma called Menopause Wellbeing Practitioner.
Zoe Swan is the founder of The Practice of Wellbeing. She’s a devoted wellbeing activist, and highly intuitive & caring mentor and space holder.  She sees taking care of herself as a series of practices & knows that each action or choice she makes has the potential to optimise her wellbeing. And this is the ethos she uses to empower & support her clients. Zoe’s a qualified Health & Wellness Coach (IIN), Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher (International School of Kundalini Yoga) & a Yoga Therapist.

We can't wait to support you on this gorgeous day.

If you have any questions please email me [email protected] or call me on +447785774149. Or see the Frequently Asked Questions below.