The Practice of Wellbeing Day Retreats

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Welcome Summer Day Retreat 

Escape to the Ashdown Forest 

Sunday 21st May 2023 10 - 4pm 
A small group to create a fully immersive experience.

Immerse yourself in nature

Join me as we tune into the energy of the seasons & I lead you through yogic practices to support your mind, body & soul as we prepare to welcome Summer.

The highly accessible practices you’ll experience are based on kundalini yoga & the metaphysics of the Five Elements. The element of Summer is Fire, the organ linked to summer is the heart and the emotion is joy. I've curated a practice to balance your heart energy. So you experience a boost in energy, motivation & joy! And a deep connection to your Shen (your Spirit) which is stored in your heart. 

Benefits: A blissful sense of spaciousness. You'll leave feeling calm and balanced with a smile on your face and an elevated sense of wellbeing. And your experience will promote restorative sleep, hormone balance & clarity of mind. 


Nestled in the Ashdown Forest 

The Chapel, Barnsgate Manor, Herons Ghyll, East Sussex, TN22 4DB

The Studio at Tranquility Yoga and the surrounding area naturally lends itself to using nature as your muse. Which is perfectly aligned to bringing in the Wood element of Spring. And we'll put yoga into practice on our mindful breath walk.

I’ve carefully chosen this venue, because aside from the stunning location, the studio was previously used to conduct sacred unions - yes marriage ceremonies! So you can really feel the energy & love that’s been infused into the space. It's beautiful & the perfect place to practice taking some time for you. 


Your Day Retreat Experience  

Places are limited to create an intimate space for practice & connection with your self and likeminded others. Which I hope enhances your experience.  
  • Arrive at 10am and you'll be greeted with warm aromatic,  homemade yogi tea & a sweet treat as you settle in to your space.
  • Followed by a specifically curated The Practice, which will include kundalini yogic breathwork, movement & postures & integration. 
  • The practice is designed to balance your heart energy. So you experience a boost in physical energy, motivation and joy! And a deeper connection to your Spirit. 
  • The morning session will end with you wrapped in warm, cosy blankets, supported by bolsters for a guided aroma relaxation. 
  • Lunch - around 12.30pm you’ll enjoy an elementally themed homemade & nutritious, organic yogic lunch, lovingly prepared by me! With an invitation to explore mindful eating. 
  • After lunch, we'll go for a walk in the fresh air, a practice that's research proven to support our digestive system. I’ll guide you in a ‘breath walk’ along one of the trails in the Ashdown Forest. And you’ll experience putting yoga & yogic philosophy in action as we walk.  
  • We’ll return & conclude our day with restorative breathwork, a meditation and mantra circle.
  • And of course, lashings of yogi tea & sweet treats….
  • At 4pm you’ll leave feeling  nourished and restored on all levels. 

What’s included:

Your day includes my expert holistic yogic & wellbeing knowledge, guidance & tuition. Homemade organic vegetarian / vegan lunch, sweet treats, fresh yogi tea, mats, blankets, bolsters, use of essential oils. Once booked you'll receive an email confirming the finer details & what you need to bring with you. Including comfy clothes for yoga and shoes for outdoor walking. 


£100 per person

£85 for The Practice Members.

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Helen, Retired 

"A truly beautiful location awaits you in the grounds of Barnsgate Manor.  A small barnlike building housed the wonderful yoga practice for 8 of us.

Zoe had prepared the room so magically with a tulip awaiting us on each fully equipped mat.  We even felt the warmth of the sun which streamed through the barn.

It was such a lovely relaxing atmosphere with homemade biscuits to die for and a delicious tea was keenly served in elegant tiny cups.

I loved the practice.  It was so relaxing and there was so much time for deep relaxation and reflection and afterwards a delicious lunch, all prepared so lovingly by Zoe with fresh chillies from her garden.  Most people had second and third helpings and some people even took home their evening meal.

The walk was glorious down to a stream practising en route our Sat Ta Na Ma breathwork.  We gathered ourselves at the stream and on our return we stopped at a huge tree to have photos and videos taken and to hug this massive tree before we returned to the barn and closed our practice with some inspiring meditations and chanting and then relaxing again.  

I must say it was an incredibly invigorating day and I loved every minute of it."





Helen, Anaesthetic Nurse

I just had the most wonderful day at Zoe’s first ever day retreat and what a special day it was. I went alone and was warmly welcomed by Zoe and all the other lovely guests.

After some delicious home made tea and biscuits wHelen, Anaesthetic Nursee began  the Kundalini session, this is incredible for anyone who has a busy mind like me. 2 of us in the class have ADHD and we had both discovered how beneficial Kundalini yoga was for clearing our minds. 

We ended the morning with the most relaxing meditation, you could use a selection of oils if you wished, I could have fallen asleep right there!! It’s rare for me to feel so relaxed. 

After a beautiful healthy home made lunch we took our Kundalini practice and went for a silent walk in the Ashdown Forest and listened to all the beautiful sounds of nature. We were so lucky to have the sun shining on us! 

We returned for a mantra circle which really connected us all and then finished with another deeply relaxing meditation.

My cat went absolutely crazy for the frankincense oil on my forehead when I returned home! It was as if I was covered in catnip! So even she got the benefit of my day out! 

I will definitely do more of these as the relaxing feeling lasted well into the next day. Thank you Zoe for creating such a perfect day, I made some lovely new connections too, which made the day even more special



Indianna, Medicine Woman

I attended Zoe’s one day retreat and as a space holder myself I really needed the time to be held in gentle nourishment. That’s exactly what Zoe gave me that day.

A time to focus and be in nature. Guided with gentle kundalini practices, the most delicious food! I’d shrink her and take her home in my pocket if I could.

Followed by a walk ok nature to connect and be. Highly recommend attending one of this if you need some nourishment and love.



Betty, Breathworker

Zoe’s day retreat at Tranquillity Barn was the perfect medicine for me. Taking time away from the city, meant that I could drop into a beautiful place of receiving. The space was beautiful.

And Zoe’s food, snacks and tea were so incredible. You can tell how much love she has poured into creating this offering.

I absolutely loved the walking mantra and reached a space of peace, where I felt so held by nature. After both the Kundalini and Mantra session, I reached a level of relaxation I have not felt in years.

Just what I needed, thank you!



Retreat Guest 

"Time for self-care has enabled me to clear my mind. I feel calm, positive, focused and purposeful.

I felt truly cared for and guided by Zoe."

Retreat Guest 

"Zoe created the most wonderful environment, with some great practices which were accessible to all. The location was really  inspiring & you did feel really close to nature."

Retreat Guest 

"I’ve never been able to meditate but I managed to meditate deeply & had beautiful visions while doing so. Surrounded by love, nature, good food & beautiful surroundings. It felt amazing!"