One to One 

Unique just like you. 

Put Yourself First 

I've been where you are. My capacity compromised by juggling too much. Stressed out. Zero bandwidth & blaming it on everything but me! 

Developing a deeper connection to myself, changing up my lifestyle choices. And making new sustainable habits that nourished me and cultivated my self-awareness, were crucial to balancing the impact of stress & anxiety on my mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.

Doing this enabled me to optimise my true potential. And excel in all areas of my life, as well as reclaiming a much healthier (wealthier 😉), happier me! You can do this too ...

Work with me privately to enhance, develop and accelerate your wellbeing & capacity exponentially using either :

  • Kundalini Yoga.
  • Holistic Mentoring & Yoga Therapy.  
  • Or a powerful combination of both.

Let's get started & elevate your wellbeing!

Big love, Zoe x

One to One

Kundalini Yoga 

Master your wellbeing & energy so you can be the best version of you. 

Kundalini yoga is the most transformational practice I've experienced in my life. It's a real life changer!

My teacher, Guru Dharam, says: "Take kundalini energy, apply it to life & the circumstances of anyone. It will enhance, develop & accelerate that person's progress. Exponentially.' 

Work exclusively with me, so you can experience it too!

Here's how it works

  • Each experience begins with a 30 minute personal consultation. So you get exactly what you need. We'll chat, I'll ask some questions, you'll share what's happening in your life & what you'd like support with. 
  • Kundalini yoga works on your mental, physical, emotional & energetic bodies. So the process is completely holistic. I encourage you to share deeply with me so you get the most from your experience. Side note, did you know each of our organs is linked to an emotion?
  • l assimilate all you've told me & create your own unique practice, using a holistic blend of Yogic Practices & Eastern Science.* 
  • We book in a separate 75 minute session to practice together. Where I guide you through your practice & explain how & why it works. And time to discuss your experience. 
  • You get a copy / recording of your practice to keep to use in your own time.
  • *Each practice includes breath work, kundalini & hatha movement & postures, meditation and deep relaxation.

One to one session(s) are perfect for you if:

  • You want personalised, support to work through specific mental, physical or emotional challenges. 
  • You want personalised practices to reduce the impact of stress & anxiety or health concerns particular to you. 
  • You want to understand how to elevate or mange your energy & awareness using kundalini yoga.
  • You’re working through or up to a personal change or transformation.
  • You need an extra incentive or motivation to make time for yourself.
  • You’re curious & looking for a new toolkit or practice to support yourself.
  • Or you've quite simply been called to try kundalini yoga, just as I was.

What's possible for you?

I can’t give you a tick box of the outcomes, well I can 😉. But because you're unique, I prefer not to be prescriptive when it comes to your personal experience. You'll take away & experience many things during our time together.

I can guarantee: 

  • You’ll feel empowered! Deeply rejuvenated, alive & energised, yet relaxed balanced & at peace, all at same time. A sure sign of an optimum wellbeing experience. 
  • You’ll experience insights & downloads into yourself throughout the practice. Which will continue to fuel & inspire you long after our session(s).
  • You'll understand exactly how the practice works and will have your own copy so you can practice it all or parts, again and again & integrate it into your life. 


  • 1 session £100 (includes initial consultation) 
  • 6 sessions £500 (Includes initial consultation) 
  • 12 sessions £950 (includes initial consultation) 
  • Digital support outside of sessions (during business hours.)
  • Payment plans available.
  • Bespoke programme design available.

If you're feeling this could be just what you need, let's chat!


Kirsty Kianifard Multi - Award Winning Entrepreneur 

Kirsty's a private client, sharing her experience of working with me. 

Holistic Mentoring

Minimise the impact of stress, overwhelm & anxiety. 

And find peace, purpose and balance in all areas of your life. Holistic mentoring is for you if you desire a complete well-being transformation & the chance to develop your own personal wellbeing tool kit.

Together we'll unpick your biggest challenges or 'stressors' & explore lifestyle choices, actions, practices & mindset hacks to optimise your mental, physical and emotional health with a focus on the Pillars of the Practice of Wellbeing. 

You'll get expert guidance & accountability for seamlessly integrating bespoke wellbeing practices  into your life. No matter what your work life commitments are. It's all possible for you! 

Our work together will help you understand how stress impacts your health & wellbeing will give you strategies to minimise the impact & will support you in reconnecting back to yourself. 

What's included?

  • 3 or 6 mentoring sessions (50 minutes each).
  • Summary action points, practices & recommendations.
  • A unique gift to support your personal aims.
  • Digital access with me between sessions (business hours).
  • Access to additional resources inc. The Practice Membership, events & workshops. 

What's possible for you:

  • You feeling free of persistent anxiety or stress, including improved digestion, sleep & energy levels.
  • You feeling empowered from the moment you wake up because you've got solutions to support you.
  • You feeling clear on how to 'nourish' your mind & body for optimum health & nutrition.
  • Increased capacity and bandwidth plus a boost to your mental & physical productivity.
  • You owning your life style choices & feeling happy & satisfied. 


  • 3 sessions £300 (includes initial consultation).
  • 6 sessions £500 (Includes initial consultation).
  • Continuing sessions discounted.
  • Payment plans available.

Will working with me support your wellbeing? Book in a chat & find out. 

 “Working with Zoe has been a transformative experience to say the least. Going into the process, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but the experience was incredibly positive. Zoe’s professional abilities, intelligence and intuitive nature all added to an immense amount of personal growth and development.”  


Morgan Witkin @MorganicKitchen
Vegan Chef & Recipe Creator.  Rome, Italy.
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